February in the Copse

We woke to freezing fog but by the time we got to the Copse the sun had burned through and the colours were astounding.  The frost had cleared under the shelter of the canopy of trees. Cow parsley and the first nettles were starting to green up the dense leaf litter of the Copse floor. This animal track looked really inviting, so we followed it ...

It led us to one of the log piles created by the previous owners. We stopped to admire the fine fungi growing on one of the logs. 

A decaying log supports new growth
A decaying log supports new growth

A little further on and we found the fresh remains of a magpie caught up in the brambles - poor bird ! We quickly moved on ....

Only to find a fox skull that had been exposed by some fresh digging. That's one for the collection !

Further down, in the more open areas the hard frost lingered on - highlighting yet more animal tracks.

Delighted to see the first golden catkins hanging like Christmas tree decorations - but the big trees remain bare.

We wonder what we will see on the trail cameras when we get home.


Oxfordshire Badger Group