Seacourt Petition - 1748 signatures presented to Bob Price

Asking Oxford City Council to abandon the Seacourt Park and Ride extension

 Badgers went to Oxford City Town Hall on 15th October to ask Oxford City Council to abandon plans to extend the Seacourt Park and Ride. The badgers living on the Seacourt flood plain and Green Belt have fine setts and foraging. Please don't build over this lovely land !




They were accompanied by several members of the Oxfordshire Badger Group, including Dominic Dyer, CEO of the Badger Trust, representatives of the local residents and Clr Ruthi Brandt. Clr Bob Price was generous with his time and received our petition with both interest and good humour. We used our half hour to get across the message that Seacourt is a dangerously flawed, short sighted and costly proposal that should be abandoned.


Think we got across our points effectively and all the signatories should be proud. The photos are good too!


Let's hope the Council think again about putting a car park on flood plain. Expect we have a battle ahead but we need to keep fighting for Oxford's badgers.

Council are expected to decide the Seacourt badgers' fate in November

Download and read OBG's  Statements on Seacourt

Seacourt Petition Presentation Statement to Bob Price 15 Oct 2017 Word
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Seacourt Petition Presentation Press Release 12 Oct 2017
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Oxfordshire's badgers need your help

Sett mapping, sighting reports essential to meet development threats

A message from Richard Tilly

Our badgers are under threat from so many directions: continuing cruelty and persecution, ever increasing road traffic, probable extension of the badger "cull" into our county. But the biggest threat is now the huge pressure to build more and more houses around Oxford and all it's surrounding towns and villages. Somuch building is destroying natural habitat and evicting badgers from setts and foraging areas they have used for centuries. Green Belts and green field sites can no longer be taken as safe havens for wildlife. OBG are fighting to ensure essential building only takes place in suitable places, and with minimal damage to badgers and other native wildlife. We are struggling to keep ahead of the developers to challenge their more reckless schemes, but this is where you can help:


Tell us where and when you've seen badgers, road casualties and especially setts where the badgers live. A brief e­mail or text will do, but please include a detailed location - ideally a grid reference, so we can come along and investigate. There are easy smartphone apps to give a grid reference or you can use the method printed on every OS map. Reports can also be submitted online

Can you spare a few hours to  come out and help us check for setts around North Abingdon, Chalgrove or Grenoble Road?

We need your help collecting information and searching for any signs of badgers in especially threatened areas. Our priories are North Abingdon, Chalgrove and Grenoble Road, to the SE of Oxford. If you live or work in, or just pass through theses areas, we really, really need your badger and sett observations.

We need more helpers to assist us search the areas under threat. If you can spare an hour or two to walk with us, we can show you what to look for and you can help us fill gaps in our local knowledge. Again, just a quick e-mail or text to tell us which places are convenient for you to reach and when you could be available


Please help us to protect Oxfordshire's badgers - email us now or text Richard Tilly on 07808 114086

Julia Hammett and Dominic Dyer talk about the threat of development to badgers on BBC South news-  20th April

No room for badgers on Cumnor Hill

Our wildlife is paying a cruel price for development


"We are at a loss to put words what has happened to the last remaining badger sett which consisted of 35 holes in 2014 and which OBG has  tried to protect for the last ten years. The fate of the badgers of Cumnor Hill is symptomatic of the destruction of wildlife habitat in this country in the push to build, build, build.
What a legacy!"

Read our Chair's full report here


See the Oxford Mail article published 31 Oct 2016


Badger Army Cheltenham

The Badger Army Needs Us

And OBG will be there

1 Membership fees are payable annually. Donations are always very welcome