Badger Culling in Oxfordshire

OBG is working to:

  • raise awareness of the threat of badger culling in Oxfordshire and potentially most of England
  • update sett records for the areas where badgers are most at risk
  • support the Maidenhead March on 14th July

So we are a tad busy at the moment ! Our website and facebook page will carry essential updates and news. If you can help our efforts please get in touch.

Public Meeting 12th July 19:00-21:30 in Oxford

The Badger Cull could be extended into Oxfordshire this year.
Are you for or against the cull coming to Oxfordshire? Please come along and listen to some great speakers, ask questions and take part in a discussion.

Location details: The White House Pub, 39 Abingdon Road, Oxford OX1 4PD
Room for around 40 people not all will be seated so please be aware first come first serve basis.

Summer Sett Surveying Weekends

It's time for boots on the ground

Following our successful inaugural sett survey training day at Wytham we've organised a programme of weekend survey events. Details can be found here: