OBG at Countryfile Live, Blenheim Palace

Sat. 4th August

Countryfile Live is a huge open air event, celebrating rural life held at  Blenheim Palace in Woodstock. OBG and friends from other badger Groups  took a morning out to inform the public about the Badger Cull.

Culling has no place on our countryside ! 

Over two hours we got  our message across to 1000's of people attending by car, coach and on foot.

Many of them were glad to cheer us on. Opinion polls have shown opposition  to the Cull is as strong in rural communities as it is in towns and in the main the crowds at Countryfile seemed supportive.

So thanks to everyone who came today and spoke up to save our badgers. We handed out over 200 leaflets explaining why OBG opposes the Cull.

We'd like to dedicate this event to the memory of  our good friend Gemma Molyneux. Gemma lived in Woodstock and was a great champion for badgers and foxes as she monitored and campaigned to save them. Many of the blocked setts she reported were on Blenheim Estate land. 

We miss you Gemma, this one was for you.

OBG's Last Stand for Seacourt Badgers

Friday 27th July - Botley Road, Oxford

Badger Culling in Oxfordshire

OBG is working to:

  • raise awareness of the threat of badger culling in Oxfordshire and potentially most of England
  • update sett records for the areas where badgers are most at risk

So we are a tad busy at the moment ! Our website and facebook page will carry essential updates and news. If you can help our efforts please get in touch.

Summer Sett Surveying Weekends

It's time for boots on the ground

Following our successful inaugural sett survey training day at Wytham we've organised a programme of weekend survey events. Details can be found here: