OBG Badger Vaccination Project - 2019

Oxfordshire Badger Group is setting up vaccination project to start in 2019.

 If you can volunteer to help in any way please contact us.

URGENT: Vaccination Crowdfunding

Vaccination is labour intensive and costly (albeit cheaper and more humane than culling).


We need to raise significant funds to get the project started. 

Please help if you can, every donation will be put to good use and will help save stripy, furry, snuffly, slightly grumpy lives across the county.


The best way to donate is by BACS payment.

Lloyds Bank a/c: 00244889

sort code: 30-11-27

Refn:  "Vaccinate"

Alternatively, visit our crowdfunding site but be aware that will take a small handling fee.

OBG Vaccination project in the news !

A good article by Tom Williams in the Oxford Mail on 16th January. Well worth a read.

Badger Cull  or Vaccinate ? - 14 Jan 2019


The Government has announced that over 32,000 badgers were killed during the 2018 cull. Yet DEFRA recognise that vaccination - done methodically and to high practice standards - is an possible  alternative to culling.


Thankfully the cull did not come to Oxfordshire in 2018. It may well do so in 2019. OBG believes that the existence of a vaccination programme would help  reduce that risk and also provide a valuable  service and reassurance to local cattle farmers. We  have successfully bid for Badger Trust 'start up' funding and are applying for other grants.