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Members receive a copy of our year book plus regular  updates and the opportunity to take part in our work. We try to organise at least one badger watching session per year and offer relevant fieldwork training.

Still, it's fair to say we hope members will play an active part in the groups activities. Expect to get invitations to help out with fund / awareness raising, sett survey walks, field work, 'office work' signing petitions, lobbying decision makers ... there is work for everyone  though if you just want be kept informed that's not a problem.

Oxford is a large county so we are forming local member 'hubs' to look out for badgers in their area. One thing everyone can do is report any badger sightings. This  includes road kill, since where badgers are being killed on our roads there must be a live sett in the area. If you know of any setts in your area then keep an eye on them and report any issues.

Membership: £12 per household per year (renews 12 monthly). OBG gives £2 of the fee to the Badger Trust.  Much of the remainder goes to operating costs such as  OBG's membership of The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) and our public liability insurance. 

Donations are always very welcome.

Payment info. can be found here


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