Hutchcomb's Copse conservation project

Oxfordshire Badger Group recently purchased Hutchcomb’s Copse, a small ( 2 acre) parcel of ancient and semi-ancient native oak woodland (ASNW) on Cumnor Hill close to Oxford City. The site has been wooded continuously since before 1600. Some of the great oaks are over 150 years old. This vibrant and diverse habitat needs careful conservation to thrive.
We plan to restore and manage the wood as a permanent sanctuary for  wildlife - including some very lucky badgers. This challenging and exciting community project will offer many new volunteering opportunities.

We need your help to raise £30,000 over the next three years

We were delighted to be invited to buy and conserve Hutchcomb’s Copse. Thanks to a generous Trustee loan, we could quickly complete the purchase. Now we have the vital task of raising funds to repay the loan within the agreed fixed period.

We need volunteers to help conserve the copse

We're keen to form a community of supporters and volunteers dedicated to looking after the wood. If you love woodland and badgers, please sign up to join our mailing list or contact us directly.
Our first tasks are establishing safe paths around the wood and securing our boundaries. We are arranging professional surveys to check the condition of the woodland and see what species are present. The surveys will help us identify any urgent conservation work and create a longer-term management plan for the wood. We’ll call for volunteers to join small work parties as soon as we're ready to start.
Maybe you want to help without getting your boots dirty? We are looking for people to participate in fundraising and general project management tasks that are equally crucial to the fieldwork.

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