Helping orphaned badger cubs

Young badger cubs are dependent on their mothers for several months. Any cub found between December and June is likely be unweaned. A cub may be orphaned because the mother has been killed (in a road traffic accident or by 'poachers’). The cub may have become lost and separated from 'mum' for other reasons or may have injured itself and need veterinary care.

What to do if you find an abandoned cub:

  • if it is safe to do so, immobilise the cub, keep it warm and leave it alone - eg put it into a box with an old towel or blanket and keep it quiet
  • else stay with the cub until help arrives
  • dehydration is a serious threat so orphaned cubs need to be taken into specialist care without delay
  • taking the animal to your local vet is not recommended except as a last resort
  • call  your local wildlife hospital or the the RSPCA explaining the situation and giving precise location details
  • report the incident to OBG - do phone us immediately for advice if a cub is found in trouble.

Badger cubs rescue and rehab is usually very successful if prompt action is taken. Many wildlife hospitals post information and videos about their badger cub rescue activities. Good examples include our friends at Secret World down in Somerset. They hold a very popular 'badger bonanza' weekend at Easter.