Badger cull consultation announced

The long awaited, and much feared consultation on the next phase of government badger Tb control policy is now underway. It opened on 14th March and ends 22nd April.

t states a proposal: 

  • 'to retain badger culling as an option in targeted parts of the high-risk and edge areas, where there are high levels of infection in cattle, and where evidence suggests badgers are part of the problem in the spread of disease to these herds'.  Basically to retain culling as an option based on epidemiological assessments. 
  • Culling would continue in these targeted areas until the disease situation has been deemed to have improved, following an annual review by the UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer. At this point, badger vaccination would be used to ensure the results achieved through culling are maintained

This has been reported in the press as a 'U turn on plans to phase out culling'

We will be collaborating with the Badger Trust and the Oxfordshire Badger Coalition in drafting OBG's response to this. W'll also continue to our efforts to persuade Oxford University's scientists to speak out about the misuse of their research.
We'll share details with you as they become available.

For now, the Badger Trust is putting out information
1) Latest consultation shows UK government remains fixated on killing badgers to end bTB in cattle (14th March)

2) No proof that culling badgers reduces bovine TB in cattle by over 50% (15th March)

Thank you for supporting and championing our badgers !