Volunteer activities

This page describes various volunteer activities that our members can take part in.

Here you will find protocols and guidelines to help make sure your work is effective, legal and safe.

If you would like to discuss becoming an active volunteer please email Debbie White via vaccinate@oxonbadgergroup.org.uk .

Badger watching

Download Badger watching guide
Download Badger watching guide

If you are lucky enough to have access to an active badger sett then time spent watching the badgers will be well spent. We've produced a badger watching guide to help get started.


Sorry, we can't tell you where to find badger setts as the information is confidential. We sometimes  arrange badger watches - these will be advertised via the mailing list.

Sett Surveying

While everyone is encouraged to report setts and badger sighting to us, learning to survey setts lets you take this to a higher level.


It is very satisfying to 'read' badger field signs - to recognise signs of current and past badger activity. A full sett survey record includes far more information than simply giving the location of the sett. Detailed records help us understand the more about the setts importance to the badgers living there.

We've produced a sett survey guide with links to authoritative training sources. We also provide field based training and mentoring for members.

Badger Sett
Click to download Sett Survey Guide
Badger claw marks on tree stump
Click to download sett recording form

Respond and check road traffic accident (RTA) or casualty reports

We ask everyone to report any 'dead' badger sightings as soon as possible. This information is fed promptly  to a small team of  volunteers who are willing to go out and check badger casualty reports in their local area.   This is useful for several reasons:

  • Badgers may survive being clipped by a car and may need rescue.
  • In 1st six months of the year a dead lactating females may have left orphaned cubs nearby. 
  • RTAs can suggest a 'new sett' may be found in the vicinity
  • Occasionally badgers are 'dumped' in suspicious circumstances.

Our volunteer RTA team follow guidelines designed to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

if you'd like to know more take a look at our RTA protocol and contact us for more information.

Photo of badger road casualty - OBG
Download RTA Protocol

Badger Rescue

Our mission is to respond to reports of  badgers in need of care. We will assess the situation and if necessary attempt to capture the animal and transport it to a rescue centre or hospital. Each rescue call out is logged and followed up. All rescue volunteers  are given training and mentoring. They are properly equipped for this work, thanks to a generous Clare Hammacott grant awarded by the Badger Trust in 2019.  Calls can come in at any time of the day or night and where possible will be directed to the nearest available person. This work is challenging on many levels - not least since many badgers do not survive - but hugely rewarding.

Our badger rescue guide and report forms are adopted from those used by Secret World. They can be downloaded and viewed via the links below.

See also rescue report forms for adult badgers and for cubs

Download OGB rescue protocol
Download OGB rescue protocol
Adult badger - photo @AppletonWild
Adult badger rescue report form
Badger cub - photo @AppletonWild
Cub rescue report form