Volunteer activities

This page describes various volunteer activities that our members can take part in.
Here you will find protocols and guidelines  to help make sure your work  is effective, legal and safe.

Road traffic accident (RTA) reports

Download RTA Protocol
Download RTA Protocol

Badgers sometimes survive being clipped by a car and may need rescue. For the 1st six months of the year we check for dead lactating females since orphaned cubs maybe nearby. Occasionally badgers are 'dumped' in suspicious circumstances.

So we ask volunteers to check casualties if it is safe and reasonable to do so.

RTAs can suggest a 'new sett' may be found in the vicinity.

Badger Rescue

Download OGB rescue protocol
Download OGB rescue protocol

See also rescue report forms for adult badgers and for cubs

Email OGB if interested in joining the rescue team.


Rescue equipment  purchased with the aid of  a  Badger Trust Clare Hammacott grant (2019)


OBG  has adopted the  Secret World Rescue Protocol  (see chap. 3 & 4).

Badger watching & sett reporting

Download Badger watching guide
Download Badger watching guide

See Sett survey report form


Sorry, we can't tell you where to find badger setts. We do sometimes  arrange badger watches.

Scottish Badger Group is a current favourite field work resource - check out their info. here