Badger Rescue Volunteers

Oxfordshire Badger Group Rescue Team update

In the first six months of 2024, Oxfordshire Badger Group rescue teams have responded to 10 rescues, around half the amount of the first six months of 2023.

On top of this, we have had calls where, unfortunately, the badger has passed while we were on the phone, or we have managed to advise the caller over the phone.

In the last week, we have had three rescues. The first was a badger with infected bite wounds that unfortunately had to be euthanised due to extensive injuries. The second was a late night call out to a badger who had been hit by a car. Sadly, this one died just as we were getting the rescue kit ready.

Bertie's Story

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Oxford Badger Rescue Update - Oct 2023

We've put together a short video about the 2023 rescues so far. 2023 started off very busy for our rescue teams, with a number of badgers being involved in road traffic collisions.


We have had a number of badgers that despite their injuries have made a full recovery and released back into the wild.


We would all like to thank those members of the rescue teams that attend call outs together with the great work of the vets and rehab teams at Tiggywinkles, Nutkin Ward and Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue.

Rescue Round Up - Jan - May 2023

 It's been a very busy year, with the number of rescues up to 14 so far. Amongst the sadness, we've had some amazing success stories. This is a long blog that summarises rescue activity so far this year ...... so make yourself comfortable and grab the peanuts ... & LETS GO!

Biscuit the hypothermic badger fouund sheltering under a car
Biscuit the hypothermic badger fouund sheltering under a car
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Learning about Badger rescue - by Eileen Anderson

So – Who Ate all the Custard Creams?

I'm part of Oxfordshire Badger Group volunteer rescue service and help to capture and transport injured or orphaned badgers to a wildlife rescue.  In January, I was one of five Members of Oxfordshire Badger Group to  participate in an online seminar provided by Secret World Wildlife Rescue (SWWR).  Pauline Kidner and Liz Mullineaux delivered this and in such experienced and knowledgeable hands our four hours training flew by.

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