Culling in Oxfordshire?

We have to prepare for the worst

Not in 2016 but very probably coming to blight Oxfordshire soon. The government is hell bent on rolling the cull out to more and more regions every year. There is no scientific justification and the costs - to badgers, people, communities and to  taxpayers are horrendous. Badgers are being needlessly demonised and crime is rising as a direct result. We join the Badger Trust,  Team Badger,  leading scientists and majority of the public in opposing the cull.


The cull succeeds on only one level. A protected and much loved species is being killed under licence 

Unsure? Check the Badger Trust's Can the Cull pages

The badger cull is a political issue. There is a powerful lobby  wanting to weaken wildlife and environmental regulation and place control in the hands of landowners and the farming industry.    Badgers protected status makes them a very inconvenient animal.

  • They can delay building works by up to 6 months.
  • The blood sport 'industry' views them as a threat to game birds
  • Setts offer foxes sanctuary from illegal Hunt activities
  • Cattle farmers look for a scapegoat

A property developer leads at Natural England. The Minister in charge of DEFRA is committed to deregulation and has volunteered to accept funding cuts.   So it is no surprise that property developers, the National Farmers Union (NFU) and Countryside Alliance are - literally - calling the shots. Thousands of 'ordinary' people are already taking part in organised, peaceful effective  opposition. Increasing this effort is the best and only rational response to any increase in culling.

We can't save badgers if we don't know where they are. 

The cull could come to Oxfordshire in 2017. The good news is that the best way to prepare is to update and verify our sett records. That's business as usual for a badger group. The bad news is that we have records going back 40 years, nearly 1000 setts to check out and one year to do it.


Do you have time to go and check  setts in your area? Can you spare a moment to report  sightings to us? Will you write to your MP and help keep badgers a political hot potato?


Our neighbours in Gloucestershire face extended cull zones & longer culling periods - well into the breeding season. Pregnant and lactating females and young cubs will die if not protected. The N. Cotswold's also become a killing zone this year. So long as Oxfordshire is spared OBG will aencourage everyone to try and get  across the border into Gloucestershire and help  GABS defend badgers.



Volunteer. Report. Lobby. March. Do something.

Save our Badgers

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The cull has ended for this year. The important work of sett mapping continues.

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