Oxfordshire Badger Group Rescue Team update

In the first six months of 2024, Oxfordshire Badger Group rescue teams have responded to 10 rescues, around half the amount of the first six months of 2023.

On top of this, we have had calls where, unfortunately, the badger has passed while we were on the phone, or we have managed to advise the caller over the phone.

In the last week, we have had three rescues. The first was a badger with infected bite wounds that unfortunately had to be euthanised due to extensive injuries. The second was a late night call out to a badger who had been hit by a car. Sadly, this one died just as we were getting the rescue kit ready.

Bertie's Story

On Sunday (16th June 2024), we were called out to a collapsed badger cub. The cub was in a terrible way. He was extremely underweight and cold. Now settled in at Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue (OWR), the cub named "Bertie" has responded to treatment and is eating well. We are crossing our fingers and hoping that he can be returned home to his family in the near future. Our 'before and after' photos show Bertie 24 hours after arrival at OWR and 2 days later. He looks much happier !

We are very grateful to OWR for all the medical support they give to our rescue teams. Oxfordshire Badger Group will use donations to our vaccination and rescue fundraiser to help cover the cost of the medical care that our rescue badgers receive. Thank you for your donations - they all go to help badgers in trouble!
Please share our crowdfunder link widely. https://www.gofundme.com/f/Oxonbadgergroupfund

Badgers need YOUR HELP this summer

By now this years' cubs will be almost independent of their mothers. They have to forage for themselves. Some will struggle to find enough food when the ground is dry and hard, they may have to travel further than usual for water. We have had several call outs to collapsed cubs and reports that many look thinner than they should.


Please make water available for wildlife during dry spells - consider supplementary feeding.

for more info see our 2021 blog 'Help! Badgers Need Water'