Help: Badgers need water !

We were called out today to rescue a young, very dehydrated orphan cub. She is now safely in the care of the brilliant Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue volunteers. This long dry spell is difficult for wildlife and there are increasing reports of animals in distress. Vulnerable badgers - the very young and oldsters will suffer from a lack of food and water.

Please help by providing water and consider supplementary feeding.


By June, most badger cubs are almost weaned and starting to forage independently. A prolonged dry spell at this crucial time is very bad news for them. Their main food supply - worms - become hard to find in dry ground. They may have to travel much further and work harder to find enough water and food. It will take sustained rainfall to restore their usual food supply.

Please provide water for the wildlife visiting your garden ! Supplementary feeding will also be useful. Consider providing 'wet food' such as basic cat or dog food in small quantities as well as the usual peanuts and dry biscuit.


Check your local setts !

Do you know of a sett that is vulnerable to dry weather? Perhaps the nearby stream has dried up or it is remote from water. If so, could you help by providing a bowl or bucket of water during the hottest times?

OBG says - Enjoy the summer but don't forget the less fortunate ....