Vaccination update: Round 4 and 5 completed

The harvest is nearly all collected, and it is noticeable that the evenings are starting to draw in.  Being out vaccinating badgers early in the morning means we also notice the sun rising later, and our early mornings aren’t quite so early.

Crowdfunding target achieved !

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to help us reach our £6,000 target for 2021. As an ongoing project any money received over the target will kick start the 2022 project, so please keep donating via our crowdfunder :-).

New vaccine fridge - funded by Mr Lumpy and Friends

A second huge thank you to Mr Lumpy and Friends who kindly donated enough money to buy a second portable vaccine fridge. This is a massive step for us as it means we can have two teams running simultaneously. We were delighted to take delivery of this new kit and it will be deployed in the next round of vaccination.

Big shout out for our amazing volunteers

We can’t express enough how amazing our volunteers have been over the summer not only with the badger vaccination project but their involvement in rescues, education, outreach and checking on road traffic incidents involving badgers. Each vaccination round involves a 16 day process of baiting, trapping and vaccination. This can include one or more landowners concurrently.

On your marks for the badger sprint Olympic final

A favourite video showing a feisty vaccinated badger !