Countdown to vaccination 2021

Oxfordshire Badger Group’s vaccination 2021 season will be starting in a few weeks and we are all getting VERY excited. We are back this year bigger than ever, with double the number of vaccination sites and new volunteers.

Over the winter we have secured a grant from The Badger Trust to contribute towards training more licenced volunteers. We also received a generous donation from Mr. Lumpy and Friends, which will help pay for a new portable vaccine fridge. This will allow us to operate a second, independent team on vaccination mornings.

Thank you for all your support and donations during 2020. Please continue to support our vaccination project throughout 2021.

What your donation will buy .........

Every donation will be put to good use !

£1 - dish for a bait point

£2 - stone for a bait point

£8 -  can of stock spray

£10-  gloves and masks or a box of syringes

£50 - 25kg sack of peanuts

£60 - a dose of vaccine

£110 - DEFRA licenced disinfectant

£240 - Battery for a portable fridge