The Badger Cull is a political decision

It must be challenged though parliament and through the courts

Landowners and farmers should be offered vaccination and the issue of new licences should cease.

Professor Charles Godfray, at Oxford University, led an independent review commissioned by the government into the management of bTB which reported November 2018. 


Godfray  concluded: 

"It is wrong to put all the blame on [badgers] and to use this as an excuse not to make hard decisions in the industry, which unfortunately is going to cost them money."

........ also ...........

It (culling) is NOT a science decision – it has to be made by ministers."

We must lobby our MP's !

These are difficult times for us all, but we cannot allow this government to 'hide' a massive expansion of the cull behind all the other pressing troubles. Unless we act now, nearly 65,000 badgers could be shot this year alone. We must to make culling a key issue for politicians. Even if they support culling or follow the conservative party line,  they cannot ignore a massive outcry from their constituents.


We ask all our members and Oxfordshire residents to contact their MP.  Vaccination is already taking place in this county by us and the local wildlife trust, (BBOWT).  Explain your concerns in your own words. It’s easy to find and write to them using this link


We'd love to know what you say and for you to share the responses with us.

OBG has written to all six Oxfordshire MP's and will write again. We are also asking local Councils to ban culling on land they own.

You can read our letters to each of the parties below.

OBG's Letter to Robert Courts 06/08/20
Conservative MP for Witney
OBG Cull MP LetterRC08Aug2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 438.1 KB
OBG's Letter to Layla Moran 31/07/20
Lib Dem MP for Oxford W & Abingdon
OBG Cull MP LetterLM31Jul2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 437.7 KB
OBG's Letter to Annaliese Dodds 31/07/20
Labour and Cooperative MP for Oxford East
OBG CUll MP LetterAD31Jul2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 439.8 KB

The Badger Trust letter

The legal challenges in 2020

Two separate, but complimentary legal challenges are being mounted against the badger cull.

Tom Langton's Badger Crowd team are fundraising to 'Help Stop DEFRA Plans to Extend Badger Culling' . This case high lights the need to focus on vaccination and halt the expansion of the cull, particularly in low risk areas such as Cumbria. We recommend you follow his Crowd justice page and donate if you can.


 Wild Justice are bringing a case against the  licensing of Badger shooting.  They argue that DEFRA and Natural England have failed to define humane practices and that unacceptably high number of badgers, killed by free shooting, die slowly and painfully every year. They have met their funding target - details and updates are here

Current Oxon.  MP email addresses as at 15 Aug 2020

Name/ Party/ Constituency Email
John Howell, Conservative MP for Henley
David Johnston, Conservative MP for Wantage
Victoria Prentice,Conservative MP for  Banbury
Robert Courts, Conservative MP for Witney
Anneliese Dodds, Labour, Coop MP for Oxford East
Layla Moran, Liberal Dem. MP Oxford W & Abingdon