Seacourt Park & Ride, Oxford   Planning ref. 16/02745/CT3

"Extension to the existing Seacourt Park and Ride to accommodate new car parking, a single storey building to provide a waiting area and toilets for customers, cycle parking, lighting, CCTV, ticket machines, new pedestrian and cycle access, landscaping together with reorganisation of the layout of existing car parking spaces, repositioning of turning circle, bus pickup and drop-off and other works incidental to the development"

There are lots of valid reasons to object to Oxford City Council’s proposed  extension of the Park &Ride, Botley Road.

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  • It’s designated Green Belt (Oxford City Council Core Strategy prohibits without exception development on Green field sites designated Flood Zone 3b).
  • It’s flood plain and the development is likely to increase flooding. It’s not compatible with the Environmental Agencies Flood alleviation scheme for the area.
  • Increase in congestion at bottleneck of A34/Botley Road.
  • It’s in contravention of Oxford County Council’s Transport strategy for out of town park and rides.
  • Similar but smaller scheme was rejected on appeal in 1999.
  • The planned site has flooded many times over the past years.
  • The impact of the noise, light and pollution on the immediate environment and residents will be unacceptable.
  • Other options and location have not been properly explored. This is a short term measure to cope with capacity for the Westgate shopping centre which the Council expects to become redundant when the County’s scheme is implemented.
  • The Council have just announced plans to cut parking spaces at the Redcourt Park & Ride due to 'under use'.
  • Costs have doubled to 4.1 million and the projected income is for a very poor return on the capital investment.
  • The cost of restoring the land to green field would be prohibitive, the 'Green Belt' will made permanent Brown Field.

And importantly badgers and other wildlife in this rich and delightful open space will suffer immensely.

Badgers and biodiversity

 Oxford/ Oxfordshire’s wildlife is losing out as our Green Fields are developed. The area under threat is an important area of Green Belt/ Flood plain which sustains a variety of flora and fauna/woodland and a variety of species including badgers and bats.

  • The ecology report commissioned by the City Council does not identify all the setts, as its scope is too limited. Setts will be affected and be lost.
  • The importance of the area for foraging has been underestimated. There is little understanding of how the badgers use this area and have survived the flooding conditions for many years
  • The impact of 24/7 noise, light pollution, loss of habitat will have a detrimental impact on the natural environment and wildlife.
  • Mitigation is inadequate. Net gain in biodiversity is not demonstrated .The scheme flies in the face of the NPPF: “planning should contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment” and the Oxford Core Strategy (Policy CS12) which states that “ Development will not be permitted that results in net loss of sites and species of ecological value”.

Other objectors

Objections are being submitted by the local resident action group backed by other concerned groups. The Flood Alliance say the plans are against the Council's own policies and that an attempt to do extend the car park was refused by Gov. Inspector  in 1997 for reasons (Green Belt and floodplain)  that are even more applicable today.

Council claims that a covenant prevents them from building another car deck (to go higher) on the existing site have been debunked.

Campaign to Protect Rural England, The Oxford Green Belt Network and Local Flood Plain Alliance objections are scathing. We recommend reading them online (on the planning website application documents)  if you have time.

To object  send a letter or email to Oxford City Council quoting reference 16/02745/CT3. Give your full name and address.

All comments received up to the time of the planning decision in February will be considered even though the 'official' consultation period has ended.


Post to: Oxford City Council, Planning Department, Town Hall, St Aldate's, Oxford, OX1 1BX


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