Save Seacourt for wildlife

Council calls 'exceptional' planning meeting to decide Seacourt

The Council have published a set of documents produced by an 'independent' firm of consultants - the Turley Report. And it's a stinker.  We won't go into details but it fails to address the concerns that have been raised properly. 

In brief it argues that in Oxford City -  the Car is King and that the need to park close to the centre trumps all other considerations.


We will be presenting our petition  on Tuesday 17th October and hope to raise awareness of how rash, unsafe and environmentally unsound this plan is.

We urge Oxford City Council to withdraw it's planning application to extend Seacourt Park & Ride

 Oxfordshire Badger Group petition to Councillor Bob Price, Leader of Oxford City Council to withdraw planning application Ref/ 16/02745/CT3


 Oxford City Council wants to extend the Seacourt Park and Ride onto Flood Plain land that it owns beside the Seacourt stream. The proposals are contrary to the Council's own policies and costs are spiraling. The Council claims the extra 700 parking spaces are needed urgently. Yet it intends to cut capacity at the nearby ‘underused’ Redbridge Park & Ride by 270 spaces. Seacourt will become Oxford's largest Park & Ride yet is often closed due to floods. The Council has a duty to preserve the Oxford City's Green Belt for posterity yet seems determined to destroy it.


Badgers and other wildlife thrive on this rich and delightful open space. They survive the periodic floods but will suffer immensely if the Park and Ride is extended. 


It is not reasonable to permanently destroy a locally important, unspoiled, abundant wildlife habitat for short term gain. We urge Bob Price to tell his Council to withdraw this application. It must commit to cherish and preserve environmentally rich green field areas like this.

Object to the planning application

Oxford City Council have submitted a highly controversial application to extend the Park and Ride at Seacourt onto the Thames floodplain and  Green Belt in contravention of planning policies.

We need as many people to object as possible. If you live in Oxford or use Seacourt Park & Ride you will know the area. If you do not then it is still valid to let the Council know that you are concerned about the environmental impact of the proposals.  The Seacourt badgers have survived the flooding for many years. This man made threat will have a devastating impact on them and other wildlife.

Threatened land

Google maps shows the fine copse and flood plain fields under threat in loop of the river Thames at Seacourt. This lovely. grassland (good for butterflies) hedges ,brambles ( full of birds) woodland  for bats and great foraging for badgers. Exactly the sort of wildlife haven the Council should and could leave alone. Red shows the planned park and ride extension grossing out to infill the bend in the river.

A fine local environment

The area is rich with wildlife including badgers,  bats, owls, butterflies, fox and deer.  It is rich with birdsong and plants. Shamefully, the environmental report produce for the council fails to reflect the biodiversity. It claims the development site is not of any special importance. That planting a hedge round it will be adequate mitigation.

The plan is ludicrous

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