Volunteer codes of practice and guidelines

This page describes various volunteer activities that our members can take part in. Here you will find protocols and guidelines that should be followed to help make sure your work  is effective, legal and that you keep safe.

Important COVID19 Notice

Please be aware that all volunteer work needs to follow government guidance on social distancing and maintaining biosecurity.  We ask all members to act responsibly during these exceptional times.

Please read and take note of recent guidance issued by the Badger Trust, which we have adopted to enable us to continue our activities where it is safe, legal and essential to do so.


This is a moving situation and OBG will comply with any updates. Please follow any new or changed government guidance or further restrictions as they are announced.

Road traffic accident (RTA) reports

Download OBG's  one page  guidance on what to do at the scene, what to look for and how to report. Contact details for advice/ emergency calls.

Protocol for reporting Badger Road Caualties
Adobe Acrobat Document 107.8 KB

Badger Rescue

OBG will take an injured badger or orphaned cub to a rescue centre if appropriate.

We follow the  Secret World Protocol for rescue and rehabilitation (see chapters 3 and 4).

Wildlife crime reports

Wild life crime should be reported to the police to obtain a crime number. Also inform OBG and Badger Trust

Our protocol will be available for download shortly.  We follow Badger Trust guidance which is available on their website: