Save badgers in Iffley Village Fields in Oxford

Oxfordshire Badger Group urges everyone to help the Friends of the Fields Iffley in their campaign to persuade Oxford City Council to abandon plans to build  on a green field site in Iffley village. We've worked with them in objecting to the plans, pointing out the harm to the badgers, advised on reporting the illegal sett disturbance carried out by council workers. Most recently we've advised on the final stage of the campaign - a last ditch effort to shame Oxford City into a change of heart.


We say shame on Oxford City for buying this land to build a few houses and refusing to listen or work worked the community to create a true sanctuary.


It's a long story, that - with your help - may still end well. You are  are best reading and following it on Iffley Woods own website at


Enough to say, that unless this development is halted a wonderful main badger sett will be destroyed or very badly compromised.  A flower meadow, and wildlife haven in  the City will be destroyed.


The sett is home to a lovely, large, healthy badger family. Last year they gave birth to a white cub, which the locals have named 'Luna' .

See Luna's story in the video narrated by folksinger Peggy Seegar.


Then go over to and sign the petition "Tell Oxford City to save Luna the white badger"

Chris Packham supports the campaign to save the fields

Chris publicised the campaign on Facebook on 7th February. He wrote: "Generations of badgers are in danger of being evicted by developers in Iffley village Oxfordshire . There are alternative brownfield sites to build on and looking at the plan it doesn't look well thought through".


When interviewed by BBC South about the City's plans he was asked if campaigners' fears about the badgers survival were legitimate. He answered ‘I’d urge the campaigners to do everything they can to win the fight’

More coverage from BBC South Today about Oxfordshire's urban badgers.

09 February 2002: Geraldine Pearce,  presenter of BBC South Today reports on the urban badgers of Oxfordshire. She interviews and visits the Berks. Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust, the Friends of Iffley Fields and Chris Packham.  OBG Chair Julia Hammett is interviewed in the Late News edition.


Oxford City Council apparently declined to be interviewed but provided a written statement attempting to justify building on the City's remaining wildlife havens.

BBC South full evening news coverage of urban badgers- 09 Feb 2022

Why are you publicising the location of the  badger sett ?

Good question !


Normally, we treat the location of badger setts as highly confidential. Especially those rare ones that have an albino. However in this case we agreed with the residents instincts to go public.

  1. the sett will be destroyed anyway if the development goes ahead
  2. it is already well known in the area
  3. the community are all 'looking out' for it - it could not be better guarded
  4. Luna's story deserves to be told.