Hutchcomb’s Copse in May

A wood has as many purposes as you might like to imagine.  In the middle of May, Hutchcomb is so clearly about, and for the creatures that live there.  Cow Parsley is flowering at shoulder height.  Nettles and Cleavers stand tall amongst it.  The animal paths that we once followed are mostly hidden now and we have to peer through the plants to find the safest places to walk.

Our visit today included meeting a colleague from the Thames Valley Environmental Recording Centre (TVERC), introducing her to the Copse, and then enabling her to carry out a baseline survey.  This Spring survey, along with a further one in late Summer, will help us to understand the trees, plant, and animal life in the Copse.  We plan to invite species specialists to come and survey too – examples include Bat, Reptile and invertebrate groups.

If you have survey experience and want to help at Hutchcomb's Copse do please get in touch !


With a sunny glade at the bottom of the Copse we plan to record Butterflies.  Here is our list so far, all seen on a single visit during early April: Brimstone x 2; Comma x 2 and a single Peacock.


With very welcome knowledge and experience amongst our committee members we have also started a listing of birds seen and heard, as follows:

 It's good to see that perhaps we offer refuge, food or rest to birds that are listed as endangered and near threatened.

And so, to our trees: shades of green

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