Oxfordshire Badger Group

We need to know where badgers are to help them

About OBG

OBG is a voluntary ‘not for profit’ group formed in 1988. We work to  to protect badgers in Oxfordshire by:

  • Increasing public awareness
  • Advising on badger problems
  • Protecting badgers and  setts
  • Rescuing injured badgers
"We can only help badgers if we know where they live".
OBG keeps accurate records of badger setts and road kill (RTA) reports. We ask anyone who knows of a badger sett, or sees a badger (live or dead) to report it.

If you want to get actively involved or support our work please contact and join us.

About Badgers

With its’ distinctive black and white striped face, the European badger (Meles meles) is probably the most easily recognised British mammal. Most people rarely have the privilege of seeing a live badger; possibly because badgers are nocturnal and extremely secretive creatures. Badgers are found in both urban and rural areas across Oxfordshire.

Information policy

Due to the risk of wildlife crime, information on the location of badger setts and badger activity is considered highly confidential.   OBG will only ever disclose information for authorised, professional reasons for the benefit of badgers.

Threats to badgers

Badgers and their setts are protected from harm or distubance by law yet they are far from safe. The main threats to badgers are:

Crossing the road (RTAs)

Badger baiting, digging and lamping



Setts and habitats lost to development

The Badger Cull & bTb


Please contact OBG  if you have any concerns.  We do not provide an emergency service but will be glad to advise.